Tarot Consultations/Courses/Workshops online or live

Tarot Consultations/Courses/Workshops online or live

Why inscribe for Tarot Consultations/Courses/Workshops online? First of all, it gives you special insights in a specific situation. As well as regarding your private life as your career. Especially now as the world crisis affects your life, it might even work as a game changer. Instead of feeling a victim of your situation, you will find new possibilities. Which increases your inner strength and also leadership qualities. My name is Anne van der Zee and I give Tarot Consultations/Courses/Workshops LIVE already for 20 years for private persons and businesses. However, I give them now also online. Likewise, I give Palmistry consultations/courses/workshops. They make you aware of your life history, your talents and pitfalls in order to get the best out of you.

Tarot Consultations

In short; Tarot cards can mirror your situation. To sum up, they represent obstacles, joyful moments and victories that we encounter on our life path. Most noteworthy is that the Crowley tarot cards in particular, encourage self-motivation. And can serve to raise awareness. Likewise, they give a clear picture of everyday life situations or important life processes. The Crowley Tarot Consultations/Courses/Workshops online help you to make decisions. The Crowley Tarot deck contains 78 cards that are subdivided into 22 Major, Arcana cards (0 to 21). Also16 court cards and 40 small Arcana cards. Each card has a personal meaning tailored to the questioner.

Crowley Tarot Workshop

During the workshop, we will learn about the cards of the Major Arcana. They mirror life lessons and will help you to understand your character and major life lessons. Also, will we learn what your soul- and personality card is. And what that means for you. You can ask for a Palmistry or Tarot workshop for instance whenever you have a group of a minimum of 5 -10 persons. The workshop will take three hours and can be given at your or my place and online. The next Crowley Tarot workshop is the 3rd of December at The Art of Joy at 10.30

Crowley Tarot Consultations/Courses/Workshops online

Due to COVID-19 get togethers were not allowed, therefor I give the Crowley Tarot Consultations/Courses/Workshops also online. This while using Zoom.us. Courses and workshops will be given in English as well as in Dutch. To get you inspired; in February 2023 will start a new tarot course online. But also LIVE in Lagos, Portugal.

Crowley Tarot Course

During the Crowley Tarot course, we will get to know the cards more in depth by practicing as much as possible. So, in the end you know how to interpret a 10-card spread. You also receive full information about the meaning of each card plus their big variety of symbols. In addition, you will be stimulated using your intuition. The online course contains 10 lessons of 3 hours and is 200 euro’s including a Guide send to you by mail. However the Tarot Course live will be 250 euros including drinks, books and refreshments.

The Crowley tarot advanced will start shortly at the 10th of October at 10.30.

The next Crowley Tarot workshop is on at the 3rd of december at 10.30.