Walks in the Algarve

Walks in the Algarve

Walking is healthy! And not only that: the most creative ideas often arise while walking. Moreover, you will get to know the beautiful surroundings in a relaxed way when you go on walks in the Algarve!
I, Anne, have been walking in the Algarve for 14 years and know the area like the back of my hand. That’s why I like to take you off the beaten track. I prefer to take you along hidden paths that I discovered myself or that the locals explained to me.
As a guide I take you to various nature reserves and picturesque places. While walking I will explain to you the interesting facts and figures about nature and the environment. As well as about the Portuguese culture.

Walks in the Algarve

Walking in the Algarve is different from walking elsewhere. Here you can walk for miles without meeting anyone. Except for that one old farmer. In addition, you walk through areas that vary greatly in nature, sometimes sweet and colorful, other times rough and gray. Not to mention all the fresh fruit we can pick along the way. We have too many walks to offer. Come along and sign up for guided walks in the Algarve! I would like to share some of my most beloved Algarve guided walks:

Algarve South and West Coast

You can do different walks from our B&B. Start with a long beach walk along Meia Praia with infinite views over the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, at the end of the walk at a spur of a river, we can admire several species of native birds. We can also take a circular walk through the agricultural hinterland, past salt marshes and mussel beds. The path even leads along levadas (irrigation canals). I can also recommend a roundwalk from the lighthouse of Lagos, Ponte da Piedade. Because this coastal path leads you past striking golden rock formations.

One even more beautiful than the other. It’s even possible to walk to the cozy seaside town of Praia da Luz. At the end of our walks there is always time for coffee and cake at a terrace. A real must: at least once you must have walked along the unspoilt authentic west coast; Costa Vicentina. Because who doesn’t want to imagine themselves in bygone times? Rugged rocks, and sleepy coastal villages. Fit for surfers


This walk is known as a true taste sensation of the walks in the Algarve. You will walk through orange plantations while you pick and eat the juicy fruits. After a break on a shady terrace, we enjoy a city sightseeing walk in the town of Silves. We make time to sniff a bit of culture and get acquainted with the characteristic Moorish influences in Silves.


An absolute must: the magnificent 360 degree view walk. Imagine: on the ‘top of the Algarve’ you feel on top of the world! You can be sure that you will also be ‘intoxicated’ by the fabulous views towards the Atlantic Ocean. This walk is scheduled for the 5th of October 2022

Or the Garden of Eden. Who doesn’t want to make a stroll to visit a holy well? Fonta Santa is known as a spring which water makes you forever young! We follow ancient donkey trails through a lush valley, along babbling brooks. Here you can pick your own ripe oranges, plums or peaches from overhanging branches. Truly a Garden of Eden!

I also recommend the sneak-by-creep-through walk through glorious cork oak forests. There is so much beauty to see and tell, before we finally settle down on the terrace of the ancient spa town of Caldas de Monchique.

Moonlight Sunrise walk

Anne also organizes a full moon Moonlight-Sunrise walk or a sunrise walk for the early birds. Because early walking in the middle of summer is recommended.

Fee and Program for walks in the Algarve

  • Half day from 10am to 1pm. In the middle of summer with high temperatures, we leave early, from 6.30 am to 9.30 am. You can also opt for a walking day excursion. For example, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • You can request guided walks Algarve optional, they take place with a minimum number of 4 participants
  • The length varies and is usually between 8 and 10 km.
  • Anne is your hiking guide.
  • Fee is 15 euro excluding beverages for a half day walk
  • Next walk is the 24th of October 2022 in the Garden of Eden of Monchique. An picturesque autumn walk with fruits to pick. Look at facebook for details and enrol by info@theartofjoy.nl