Palmistry Algarve; Coaching, Workshops & Courses

Palmistry Algarve; Coaching, Workshops & Courses

“The hands are a blueprint of the soul”.
If you decide today to make changes in your life
in due time the lines in the hand will change as

Purpose of a Palmistry Algarve workshop/course

Why choose to sign up for a palmistry workshop? Because an introduction into palmistry is a playful manner to learn what hand shapes, fingers, knuckles, hills as well as hand lines can tell of one’s character, qualities, blockades, passions, and life course. Above all it’s a relaxing way to get to know each other.

Contents of the workshop/course

To illustrate; First of all, we will mainly devote our time to learn about hand shapes and fingers. The shape, thickness and length of each finger phalanx provide a wealth of information about a person’s qualities. Additionally, the position of the fingers can indicate how you are dealing with your life at that particular moment. Subsequently, we will briefly treat the mayor lines being: the life line, heart line, head line and line of fate. Did you know, that if you decide today to make a change in your life as a result the palm lines will change as well. This being within half a year.

Palmistry lines

First of all; The Lifeline is a representation of the physical strength and the quantity of physical energy. While the Heart Line gives us an idea how we live our emotional life. However, also what kind of partner and friends we choose. Furthermore, the Saturn line shows your life path and is subject to change. What the Head line tells us, is how we use our intelligence and what is our way of thinking. Meanwhile the Apollo line indicates creativity and the experience of happiness and Joy. As a result, the Mercury line is an indication of your communicative and learning skills.

All these lines show important traits of someone’s character. Besides the acquisition of knowledge, we will learn above all through practicing. This by looking at our own hands and those of our fellow students. Next palmistry workshop will take place the 3rd of December at 10.30 at The Art of Joy.

Palmistry Algarve consultations

If, on account of the workshop you would like to receive and extended individual counselling Palmistry or Tarot. As you are interested to be informed about your qualities, passions, life, character. Or you have a specific question; you can sign up with me. Both during the workshop as well as during the consultations, I will not give any specific future predictions. This is because I do not think it is ethical. Moreover, the lines change if you change your life. My aim is to bring about awareness of possibilities and talents. I can show you trends if you proceed your life as you do. However, I believe that the future lies in your own hands.

Next Palmistry workshop is on the 10th of December 2022.

Palmistry course, or Tarot course, or workshop online or live in the Algarve can be on demand:
workshop of 3 hours € 30, – and will take place the 3rd of December 2022 at 10.30 at The Art of Joy Lagos.
10 lessons for € 250, – p.p. from 10.00 until 13.00 hours. Dates: to be agreed upon.

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